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The considerable cost of restoration (0,000 at last count) has been covered mostly by proceeds from the annual Chatsworth Cranberry Festival, taking place Oct. The Inn will become the town's community center, said Lynn Giamalis, who chairs the Festival. On July 13, 1928, Carranza flew out of Roosevelt Field on Long Island, where Lindbergh had launched his famous flight to Paris, attempting a nonstop flight home to Mexico.He got only as far as the Pine Barrens, where he ran into a severe thunderstorm. Men from Chatsworth later found Carranza's body and brought it back to town, where it lay in a garage until claimed by authorities.In Pot Pourri from a Surrey Garden he eulogises: "Pam, you great big mountainous sports girl," and faints with longing for her sturdily masculine allure: "See the strength of her arm, as firm and hairy as Hendren's;/ See the size of her thighs, the pout of her lips as, cross,/ And full of pent-up strength, she swipes at the rhododendrons,/ Lucky the rhododendrons." Lucky indeed.

Where to Eat Aside from the cafe in Buzby's Chatsworth General Store, Marilyn Schmidt recommends these nearby restaurants. After Jack died, the store had a series of owners until it was finally sold for unpaid taxes.It remained vacant and in disrepair for seven years before Schmidt purchased the tax lien and restored 3 p.m., and the cafe on the same days from 7 a.m. Against one wall of the shop is a non-working fireplace that dates to the original construction in 1865.If customers look closely at the bricks, they will see raccoon footprints.