Intimidating names for guys

As is the case with most things, put the word "black" in front of it and it's a lot scarier.They've gotta be pretty tough.10- Rockets.11- Suns.Don't know what this is but if it means some crazy spaceship guy then ok.18.If their plan is to get me drunk and have their way with me, count me out.17- Astros.Hey, these guys fought off jolly old England and created our country.Some people have these as pets, and they're more adorable than anything.17- Mavericks.18- Pistons.19- Celtics.Nell: Everyone thinks she’s beautiful, but nobody thinks she’s very smart.109.

She rules over an army as an emotionless, cynical, and cruel ruler.

Plus they can communicate telepathically, like all twins.

I preferred their old ball-in-mitt logo, but the new one (above), with its shafts of wheat, is even more evocative of old-timey beer making.6, Los Angeles Dodgers The Dodgers are a problem: it’s a great name but one that obviously makes no geographic sense.

Kayla: Sweet and funny, but lets people take advantage of her good nature.81.

Masie: Really sweet and friendly, but also clever and beautiful.102.