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We'll keep you updated the second the demo goes live.

FIFA 18 UPDATE 2It's looking more and more likely that the FIFA 18 demo release time will be 6PM in the UK.

No invites, no pre-orders, and none of the usual mercenary practises to force you to give it a try.

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In the meantime, I intend to upload a new video within next weeks that will present you the first cinematic of the level – the one with the helicopter – hoping you will enjoy it while waiting for the demo.

I hope i will find other serious people who are as motivated as him to collaborate in the futur.

The official EA Sports Twitter account hasn't made the announcement yet, BUT, the FIFA 18 demo is now live!

We are currently 30 minutes away from the time EA Sport has mentioned the demo is due to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the UK, however there's still no word on when the FIFA 18 demo will go live exactly.

EA Sports has said that something will release today - and 6pm is the time that's been outlined before - but 30 minutes away from the deadline and there has been no solid confirmation from the publisher.