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You can easily see which have takeoff/annotation/nothing based on the page icon (blue=takeoff; yellow=annotation; yellow & blue (green)= both, white=no takeoff or annotation! See Related articles for details on selecting exactly What to print (which pages, size, views, etc.) You can add a Legend of the Conditions (and the Results) used on each Sheet to your print out. At the bottom of this list is the Printing status bar.

I'm browsing the forums a bit and see a lot of people mention "OTK".

Dispel Magic - If you have a hero that has access to this school, you can interrupt SOME facets of an OTK deck (Stone Shield) Discard cards - Such as Chaos Rift or Twist of Fate (Inferno) allow you to cause the player to randomly or selectively discard cards out of their hand.

GARANT'S PURGE is GREAT for eliminating ALL copies of an annoying card from your opponents deck.

When you print one or more Sheets to full-size (Arch A-E1, for example), print 'spooling' can take significant computer resources (an Arch "E" print out is very large...).

If your computer stumbles, try printing one Sheet at a time or lower the resolution of your printer output.

To print to a PDF, you will need to install an appropriate PDF Printer (see our FAQ Using a PDF Printer for more information).

No matter what you choose to print (a View, a Sheet, All sheets, etc.), you can set a few options that customize your printout.Again, Inferno faction has access to all the cards listed above, so I feel they are best suited to deal with OTKs.I probably missed some stuff, but these are the simplest and most common ways to overcome OTK/Deck Denial type players.The frustration usually comes from not being able to interact with your opponent (or the game in general).You'll be just watching how your opponent takes full control over you.