Dating man with custody divorced

Yet, both for practical and scientific reasons, I believe that it is very important for children to form attachment relationships with their "other" parent too.

I won't go into the details now, but I clearly come down on the side of the importance of the primary attachment figure to children's emotional well-being. I am convinced by the weight of the scientific evidence.

I will not delve very deeply into the details in this post, or I will end up going on for too long. Psychologically, the quality of attachment relationships is the main concern about the well-being of very young children.

Children form a close bond with those who care for them, usually their parents, in the first year of life (and beyond).

"If the parties still trust each other with each other's hearts, money, and children, a divorce isn't in your future," says Carolyn Grimes, a family law attorney at Wade, Grimes, Friedman, Meinken, and Leischner PLLC, in Alexandria, VA.

It's often said that a solid marriage is built on the foundation of communication, trust, and, of course, respect.