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At times, finding a partner can even seem impossible, especially when the norm for meeting someone special these days involves swiping a screen populated by selfies.And while some lucky folks meet their significant others in college, through work, or through friends, many singles spend over an hour per day on dating sites or apps eager to find love.

When comparing user activity data from Ok Cupid to a blind date app to understand the extent to which pictures affect response rates, Ok Cupid creators found that women who received higher ratings in attractiveness were less likely to respond to men with lower ratings; however, when the same couples were matched for a blind date through the second app, these women reported having a good time.

This haste often leads to missed opportunities for connection.

The importance of continued interactions in dating is supported by what social psychologists call the “mere exposure effect”: repeated exposure to a stimulus tends to enhance one’s feelings toward it.

In the context of dating, the mere exposure effect implies that the more we hang out with a potential partner, the more likely we are to develop strong feeling towards that person.

Not only do you become more familiar with the person the more you see them, but you also start to get a picture of how that person relates to others and views the world, providing a better a sense of whether compatibility truly exists.