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I’ve coached women in their early twenties who want to heal, women in their thirties who are feeling a dissatisfied itch telling them they need to focus in on their sexuality, women in their forties who are ready to address the famine in their sexual lives and the post-divorce women who are dating again and re-creating their sex lives, and women in their fifties, sixties, and seventies who want to do the work before it’s “too late.”I’ve coached so many women who are single and know they must unlock the buried treasures in their own sexuality—and that they must do it for themselves. I’ve coached women who are married/partnered and don’t want to have sex with their partners, women who are partnered and desperately want to have sex with their partner who can’t or won’t, women who are about to get married and are scared they’ll never get to have the sex life they dream of.I’ve worked with women who are pregnant and are opening the capacity of their bodies to new experience, who are excited and also fearful of losing something they haven’t quite found yet.Many women realize they want more sexually but don’t know how to get it.Based on her sought-after workshops for women, Amy Jo Goddard lays out her holistic, inside-out approach to sexual empowerment—one that examines sexuality not only in terms of what happens in the bedroom but through a lens of personal power and the erotic energy that is at our core.

I believe that having healthy, nonviolent relationships and working toward a pleasure-filled, creative life for all are the keys to changing the world. Your sexuality exists inside of a larger life and a larger world.

Based on her sought-after sexuality workshops, the coauthor of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men shows women how to master the nine elements of sexual empowerment to reclaim their desire and live the sexually fulfilling lives they want.

In a culture that defines achievement in terms of the workplace and the family, and that judges women’s worth by superficial standards of beauty, sexuality is often overlooked as an essential piece of women’s power.

You’ve got to look at the whole package to become empowered sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.

I want to see us stop defining ourselves by forces outside ourselves, forces that tell us what to like, rather than defining ourselves by our own internal desire.