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'With the housewives' husbands and boyfriends looking on incredulously, Dolores and Siggy got up to storm out. 'Before they could leave, Danielle teased Dolores for coming with ex-husband Frank Catania, who has moved back into her house, rather than with boyfriend David — suggesting that she may have even made up her new man.'Hey Dolores — where's your honey? 'As she screamed 'you're nobody to me,' Teresa guided Dolores out of her new restaurant, explaining later: 'I've known Dolores for 20 years and I knew to get her out of that restaurant before it got even uglier.''What's the matter with you women always arguing? 'The fighting was a far cry from what Joe and Teresa had planned for their restaurant, which was filled with old photos of the family — including their parents' wedding snaps.Siggy childishly pranced behind Margaret's back and yelled: 'See ya! They also were pleased to have their dad Giacinto Gorga working in the kitchen.'For years my sister and I were at war.

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Regardless, I still find it interesting to look back on our dog's ancestry and see which ones have been around for a long time."But I am drawn to people who make me up my game, who bring me up to their level.Teresa Giudice and brother Joe Gorga embarked on their restaurant business during Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.Siggy grew increasingly agitated about Margaret throughout the night, at one point even asking Melissa for a sharp knife from the kitchen, saying: 'I want to give a really sharp knife to Margaret so when I leave tonight she can continue to stab me in the back.'Once Dolores arrived at the tasting, she huddled together with close friend Siggy so they could both bad mouth Danielle and Margaret, making it loud enough that everyone could hear them.'Siggy's really losing it,' Teresa complained as she later recalled the night. Oh my God…'Margaret eventually had enough and went over to them, with Siggy readily admitting that despite their kiss-and-make-up meeting she was not over being left out of the wreath tribute.'Guess what, I'm not over it,' she screamed angrily and then stuck her tongue out like a child.'Seriously?' Margaret asked, saying later to camera: 'I thought Siggy and I were made up?