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Can you discuss the trajectory of being a Twin Peaks fan, and becoming a writer, and eventually deciding to add to the Twin Peaks literature? In 2008 I started a pop culture website called Biff Bam Pop and every so often I would find a reason to write about Twin Peaks. It's the one place that if I were ever to have been published, that's where I would have liked to have been published.And in the fall of 2012 two women from ECW Press, Sarah Dunn and Jenna Illies [told me] we're launching a new line, our Pop Classics line: why don't you put in a pitch? While I was working on that, I had the opportunity to do the cover story for Rue Morgue magazine [on the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me]. The structure to a certain extent [stayed] the same, but as we went through the editorial process my editors made suggestions about combining certain themes.Neither one of us knew it until that day, so that was pretty cool! For the book I ended up talking to Kimmy Robertson, Jennifer Lynch, Harley Peyton, Bob Engels, James Marshall, Dana Ashbrook. Not the full chapter, but just the introduction along the lines of, "Diane, it's , driving this, reading, Gordon has sent me this list of these two guys that I have to look into." And then the next one was written as an entry in Laura's diary.And that took you into the idea of looking at the family structure and everything.

So that's when I watched it and I just immediately got into it.

But it was a chain store, that was the weird thing about it. Twin Peaks really burned bright for those first seven, eight episodes and then it really came down very very quickly. And I get the shivers a little bit just thinking about it because it's just very vivid in my mind about that time period.

You would go into malls and they had two t-shirts: they had an "I Killed Laura Palmer" t-shirt and an "I Shot Agent Cooper" t-shirt. At the same time, maybe I've always been a little media-savvy, but I remember being really disappointed when the second season premiered on that Sunday night and it lost in the ratings. I was young enough that I had never loved a show that way before.

Along the way I got to talk with Sheryl which was incredible. The Pop Classics line is really thesis-based and theme-driven for lack of a better term. If it was strictly that sort of book then to go chronologically would have made sense. When I started working on my first draft I hadn't seen any of the other books. At that point I was throwing stuff out there: how am I gonna do this, what do I want to do?

We talked on the night that the twenty-fifth anniversary of Laura's death. But really it's an editorial decision based on the concept of the series. It was very elegant - that was the word that came to mind when I read it. And my original idea...because I've got a background in fiction, and I wrote fiction in university, the things that I liked doing best were writing voices. So in the first draft of the book, in the first chapter, I wrote it basically in Cooper's voice.