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As you cross over the Colorado River, you'll fly over the South Rim and the Kaibab National Forest landing back at the Grand Canyon Airport. Every year, millions of people come to enjoy these natural and manmade wonders.

This Grand Canyon South Rim tour will provide you with memories of a lifetime. My wife and I travelled Route 66 over a 21 day period in May 2016. I would fully recommend Maverick Helicopters as a very professional company with some very comfortable and upmarket choppers. And when they visit they take lots of photos—hundreds, maybe even thousands of them!

The BBC have chosen the Guildford transmitters from where to start testing their introduction of High Definition (HD) broadcasts into the UK through the Freeview service.

Alongside is the underground Hog's Back Reservoir maintained by Thames Water.

The fort uses genuine wartime equipment including an air raid siren, helmets and decomissioned rifles.

The children have the opportunity to experience roles undertaken by the Home Guard and the Air Raid Precaution service, and enables them to take part in activities such as air raids, bayonet charges, blackouts and roadblocks.

(November 1 to December 1, 1973) He played Jean-Paul in Georges Feydeau's play, "Monsieur Chasse," to "Rendezvous," at the Actors Theatre of Louisville (Mainstage) in Louisville, Kentucky with Eric Tavaris (Moricet); Peggy Cowles (Leontine); Jeffrey Tambor (Duchotel); Leta Anderson (Babette); Sandy Mc Callum (Cassagne); Zouanne ...

In 2005 the centre secured funding from the lottery and Guildford Borough Council to introduce primary school children to wartime experiences from WWII.

In the distance, it is possible to see the Painted Desert and the Desert View Watchtower designed by the Hopi Indians.

Your journey continues as you follow the Colorado River upstream to where it merges with the Little Colorado River.

The plan looks at ways of new housing being able to be built within the 5km planning exclusion zone protecting the six Special Protection Areas (SPA) in place in the borough.

VISIT THE TOWN & PEOPLE OF GUILDFORD MORE ABOUT GUILDFORD ALONG THE WEY to try and defuse a deadlock between Guildford Borough Council, new housing developers and the Government who are threatening to withdraw funds for affordable housing if their deadline is not met.