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that if we weren’t concerned about relocating for the *true church*…that “we probably didn’t love the church enough to even be members” …quite a judgmental remark, I wonder if that preacher says the same things to his “non-resident” members today as he did to us back then?I no longer believed in this “prove yourself & we’re doing church better than everyone else..” religion, that claimed salvation by grace! Those others false churches, didn’t use the right bible version, celebrated those pagan holidays, didn’t baptise properly, didn’t wash feet, used musical instruments, weren’t from the true lineage & were not pleasing to God in many other ways including being “lukewarm” in addition to other reasons…… .can’t make it without me…” In sermons it was implied & oftentimes stated that “you can’t go to any other churches & believe that God will be pleased with you.I left an IB church recently and with a group of about ten former IBs we started a Sunday bible study/fellowship and it is just such a blessing to be away from the legalism and politics of it all. I need help on what I can do to get my daughter home! I come from a very fundamental, "Independent, Bible Believing, Baptist" Church.It is the only type of church I have attended since the day I was saved by Christ on March 24, 2004.they love bombed us …BUT.we moved here….well, their duty was done. We were now completely seperated from our friends & family…my husband starting his career, his ability to earn a living & support his family, from SCRATCH.Don’t abusers try to seperate you from your support system? pastor informed me that if I was unhappy being in the “true church” & leave, they, (meaning the people in the *true church*) would “wash their hands of us”.(meaning cut us off from “fellowship”/friendship)……quite a frightening proposition considering we relocated to this state for that *church/cult* & the majority of people we knew were in the *church*! that if we wanted to move back to our homestate, that was something the *pastor* could not condone.Our lives were a blip on a screen to them…they had no idea what it was like to MOVE YOUR LIFE for a group of people who were just too busy w/ their lives to make time for you. Obviously this was meant to scare us, manipulate us into not leaving the “true church”….if anyone can? You see, we didn’t feel love or much true friendship after moving here for the “true church”.We wanted to move back to our home state, where we have extended family, friends & connections.(we were even willing to stay nonresident members of that church/cult!

I needed to be baptised yet again, by one of *their* properly ordained preachers…( I listened to tapes from a tape ministry of that “church” that I got in college. hard to believe, but it’s true) I was told I was saved by grace…. since being baptised by *the properly ordained preacher*, I was now a member of *their church* = the *true church*, which had the true faith & practice. I was living in one state & my LOCAL church was in ANOTHER STATE????? Also, DOCTRINE is SECOND to the FRUITS, WORKS & EXAMPLES.following our conscience & being convinced in our own minds that staying in that *church-cult* was not good for us.For disagreeing w/ pastor & his man-made doctrines? upon exiting abusive cult church, people who knew me for some 19 years have turned their backs on us…are shunned. “visiting the fatherless & widows…is religion pure & undefiled”.Pastor was judge, jury & executioner of us & our characters. We gave up so much of our lives for that group….cruelty & betrayal describes what we experienced, in addition to other adjectives I wont bring up right now. BUT…the pulpit *pastor* screamed “anyone is FREE TO LEAVE this church!!!! was put under the law in ways that the Catholic church I grew up in NEVER DARED. The religion I was in for some 19 years had NO FREEDOM, it was BONDAGE. All of what I was told WASN’T ABOUT GOD OR HIS GRACE it was about a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM & putting my family & I in BONDAGE.” Free to leave would be a hug & a blessing, not a curse in an “excommunication/exclusion letter”, public rebuking, character assassination & made to feel that you are satan’s minions because you wouldn’t bow down to an Independent-Primitive-Baptist-Calvinist- religious dictator. I will believe Xpastor has an ounce of integrity when he has our excommunication sermon & the sermons of every person ever “church disciplined”, UNEDITED & available for purchase or download to the general public so that people can REALLY see what goes on & they can see what “Free to leave” is, according to Xpastor. I had burdens heaped on me HEAVY to be borne that the Catholic church would never have imagined to put on me in this life. It’s all done under the guise of TRUE RELIGION where supposedly God’s grace is taught.