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He vowed to focus ONLY on comedy, turning down any job that didn't contribute to his career, and subsequently quickly learning the true meaning of "the struggle is real".

He slept on couches, found himself without enough money to eat, and got many "no"s along the way.

Follow Chris at @thechrisarmy on social media and subscribe to his podcast The Great Big Lie on your Podcast App.

Are you in need of great talent for your business but short on time?

Jesse also tells Rachael about her new Shark Tank-esque show called "The Drapers" where she, her father and her grandfather (did we mention she comes from a long line of venture capitalists?

) invest in real ideas and real entrepreneurs -- as they've been doing independently for years!

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"Be Here for A While" is a comedic look into the world as Rachael and her notable comedian and entertainment industry friends see it.

While quick success doesn't always mean long term success, Chris is an exception and with his work ethic, the best is still yet to come for him.

No matter what type of goal you're hustling towards, you'll relate to his story and hopefully be inspired by his journey, on this week's episode of Be Here For A While!

Jesse shares insights from her many interviews with famed female CEOs (she's interviewed Jessica Alba, among many others) and she tells Rachael about her own leaps of faith, investing in companies from their infancy -- including Sugarfina and Paperless Post.

Marie Claire named Jesse one of the "50 Most Connected People in America". Are you in need of great talent for your business but short on time?