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Circuit and District Court records of felony and misdemeanor cases disposed in 50 of 67 counties (excluding Brevard, Broward, Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Hillsborough, Liberty, Nassau, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Putnam, Saint Johns, St. Results include name, date of birth, race, sex, case number, county of offense, charges, disposition, disposition date and sentence date. Search results show the file date, case number, defendant name, date of birth, race, sex, charges disposition, disposition date and sentence.

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In divorce cases with estranged parents bitterly fighting, the battle often turns to sex molestations allegations against one of the parents.

If the accusations are made by a minor, those accusations will be confidential and the person against whom the accusations are may not be aware of the factual allegations.

It is crucial to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Sex offense registration is required in Florida and every other state.

In many communities, a registered offender cannot live in neighborhoods near schools or playgrounds.