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Mr Phillips from the CPS said: “Ellis was a horrible but truthful witness.” He said: “Craig Forbes admitted he has a sexual interest in children.

Gotham denied six charges of sexual assault – two of those when she acted alone.

Police say the young victim has “no memory of anything” and this was because she was probably stupefied with drugs before the sexual assaults.

Gotham's lover Craig Forbes also hid his dark secret and was director of a successful business until his abuse came to light.

She was arrested by police in San Francisco and in their patrol car she immediately said: “I know a UK couple who sexually abusing a child.” Lying Gotham denied being responsible despite being named by Ellis to police and the FBI.

Ellis, a crystal meth addict, was a topless waitress in a strip joint and had been a dominatrix and magician’s assistant in the past.TWISTED lovers drugged a young girl before sexually abusing her and live streamed the assaults to a paedophile topless waitress in the US.Sarah Gotham, 34, and partner Craig Forbes, 36, used a webcam to Skype the abuse to meth-addicted pervert Kori Ellis 5,000-miles away in San Francisco.Some of the admirers were female, validating him not just as a politician, but as a man.It seemed harmless to Anthony...''[Weiner] has already been punished in a meaningful way by the government, just not in a judicially sanctioned manner,' said the memo.