Updating clamtk

So, regardless of what distribution being used, there are things that I do after every single install I do, and I thought perhaps I would share some of them with you; perhaps something I do is missing from your setup and you might like to include it!

I am going to leave out the things that you find in every other list.."Download your favourite music player! The list includes the following five suggestions: increase audio quality, making sure the firewall is enabled, I’m not going to get into the deeper explanation behind audio and its quality; suffice to say I use expensive headphones, speakers, and every possible opportunity I have to enhance the quality of my sound.

.) Ubuntu Update Guide link: These are my own setting preferences, use at your own risk! There are some more specific things that have to be done in order for both to be able to work.

Otherwise you totally frag both OS installs, although it's far easier to recover UM than Windows.

This guide is also intended for those that already have an existing swap, root and home partition setup!! If you have not done/never done any pre-partitioning, please see this guide about using Gparted partition editor: Linux beginners should also look here: You can only partition on an unmounted drive using an installation disk of your Linux flavour with a partitioning tool included, use the Gparted tool in live mode, or you can download a copy of Gparted from the link below and create your own Gparted disk: BEFORE YOU START TO PARTITION YOUR DRIVE: MAKE SURE YOU DEFRAGMENT YOUR WINDOWS DRIVE BEFORE YOU START RESIZING THE WINDOWS PARTITION AS IT MAY WELL LEAD ...

updating clamtk-87updating clamtk-68

) Mountpoint = "/home" (Forward slash and the word "home") Click on "OK" if you are certain that the changes you just made are correct: Click on "Install Now" when you are happy that everything is as you want it! Check that the boot loader is set to the correct HDD, that is to say, your internal hard drive and not an external hard drive unless that is your intention!Always always always, make sure you enable the firewall.The default 'home' setting is usually fine for most people, just simply turn the firewall on, and you're done.The Antergos Cinnamon one, looks like the photo above.Previously I wrote an article about how to install Timeshift into Linux Mint, but really I would advise installing it into any system you use, if it's not included with the distro. Install Clam AV / Clamtk antivirus Yes, it's true, a GNU/Linux system is far less likely to be infected by a virus than Windows, but it's not invincible.