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Her latest project, an app called Timeless, uses algorithms to help Alzheimer's patients recognize the family members in their photos.An elite coder with vision, people skills, and high-powered mentors, this New York City 9th grader is as close to future-proof as a 13-year old can get. "You don't have to be a doctor or a politician to effect change in the world," Yang told the crowd at her first TEDx Talk, delivered in July in Washington.They've started driving cars and diagnosing cancer.Increasingly, they're able to learn by observing humans, rather than being programmed by us.

She's used neural networks to train computer programs to identify lung tumors.

Robots and algorithms would take care of what used to be solid working- and middle-class jobs.

And the kids who didn't get that cutting-edge computer science course or life-changing middle school project?

A decade from now, perhaps companies will still complain they can't find employees who can read an instruction manual and pass a drug test.

Maybe workers will still be able to hold on to the American Dream, so long as they can adjust to incremental technological shifts in the workplace. When it comes to predicting the future of work, top economists and technologists are all over the map.