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The solution is to partition the island and give international recognition to the Turkish-Cypriot state in the north.Here’s why: Turkey invaded Cyprus in late July 1974.This facility likely also houses the material pertaining to Northern Cyprus. In one of its worst strategic decisions ever, the European Union (sadly, with UK acquiescence) had agreed that Cyprus should join the EU on , whether agreement had been reached with the Turkish Cypriots or not Earlier this summer the 11th international effort to strike a deal between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots was rejected by the Greek-Cypriot government – as every previous one has been.Record type: Records of births, marriages, and deaths maintained by civil authorities.Civil registration was introduced under British rule.

It can be argued, as many have done, that the Turks overreacted by the number of troops they have stationed on the island ever since.

Tens of thousands of Turkish troops have been on the island ever since.

The Turkish-Cypriot north later declared itself “The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (TRNC) but it lacks any international recognition save by Turkey.

So, whatever its terms, will the next, and the next.

It is time to end the charade that negotiated agreement to unite the island with a “bizonal, bicommunal” government will ever be possible.