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Dolly had left behind her in the car a black, faille purse with a gold clasp, her coat, and a Cosmopolitan magazine.Once she got to intersection of Lakeland and Painter she flagged down a a passing motorist.Dolly Mc Cormick witnessed the fatal shooting of Andrew “Andy” Kmiec by a man who had posed as a prospective buyer for Kmiec’s 1953 Mercury convertible. After she had directed deputies to the scene of Andy’s shooting, Dolly was transported to the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station to be interviewed by Lt. Andy had come to Southern California during WWII and, like thousands of other veterans, decided to make it his permanent home a few years later. Neither Andy nor Dolly were California natives — Andy’s car still bore Indiana license plates, and Dolly had only recently moved to North Hollywood from Prairie Grove, Arkansas to live with her cousin, a television advertising executive.He told Ned that he’d fixed Andy up a few times with women he’d previously dated — he even shared that Andy had “made the team” a couple of times with some of them.Of course those girls were simply “pieces of ass” as far as Alex was concerned. Lovretovich asked if the women were hustlers, Alex said no, they were airline stewardesses!

The pretty sales clerk went on to describe what happened after the man had told Andy to park the car.

Andy continued to plead, but the man forced him into the back seat of the Mercury at gun point.

Dolly was made to drive the car with the stranger sitting next to her.

He’d known Andy for about ten months and they had been rooming together in a house on Beverly Glen for a few months prior to the murder.

From his interview it was clear that Alex was the quintessential ’50s swinging bachelor.