Dating a registered sex offender

That works out to about 4 cases actually making it to trial out of 100 accusations.In NO case is the word of EITHER a child OR a parent enough by itself to bring such a case...there MUST be some level or type of coorborating evidence of some type.

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Apparently the jury felt that the evidence presented meritted a conviction. He has several nieces and nephews living next door and none of his family is scared to leave their children with him.

That rating will tell you if he is likely to re-offend this event again.

Just so you have some clarity ..are some things you should know....

If the case was eventually prosecuted, then there was a particular location identified as the place of occurrance to the extent that proper jurisdiction could be determined. Are you under the impression that officials just flipped through the phone book and randomly picked a name to pursue?

Child victims, just like domestic violence victims are infamous for recanting - so the child later changing the story and not testifying isn't overly concerning.