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Lance calls the church culture "manipulative" and says, "I don't want this to happen to other people...It's how people wound up drinking Kool-Aid." He adds, "I still love Jesus.On January 23, Andrew released some internal church disciplinary documents to the blog

"That I was on a path of destruction that could result in the death of his daughter." That father, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hanyok, is a retired marine and evangelical Christian who says the Mars Hill leadership overstepped its authority.Blog posts appeared with titles like "Never Mind Andrew's Sin, What About Mars Hill's Sin?" And "Spiritual Abuse Must Stop." And "Mark Driscoll: Worst Pastor Ever?Lance balked, but his pastor insisted: "I'm the authority over you," the pastor said, according to Lance. "We don't even think you were a Christian to begin with," the pastor retorted, according to Lance, and left the room. Not only was he barred from speaking with his now-former friends at the church, Lance says his pastor threatened to contact any future church that he might attend."You agreed when you became a member that I am your authority, and you have to obey us." Lance was torn—on one hand, he In a final, tense meeting, Lance got fed up with the leadership's harping about submission and authority. The church told him to move out and, if he wouldn't submit to church demands, to cut off any communication with members of Mars Hill. And then Lance's pastor took the extra step of calling the father of Lance's girlfriend in Colorado.