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However, a common name such as Richard or a Robert will take forever to find (it must of course have the same photograph).

Even with a surname don’t hold your breath in finding the person, as the name and surname probably are fake.

I realized that this was a major weakness, as they can then Google everything about you, even though I do not think that anyone did this about me, or at least did not refer to it.

Some Tinder men prefer to ask for the phone number, which gives one something tangible about both parties, for what it is worth.

I did see how this information was manipulated, with false details and profiles being posted on Facebook, starting with the name, age, and tertiary education institution.#.

It is a OK to ask a man out for coffee in this day and age! # I have not yet met a Tinder man for coffee in the past three months since going onto Tinder, and this is an important warning sign too!This is the time to get VERY suspicious and go onto high alert!He told me that Tinder had made a mistake with his age, which is impossible, as Tinder can only reflect the age from the date of birth on Facebook.#.The very first danger signs to look out for at the time of accepting a man are the following: #. One does not pay to join Tinder, and it is really easy to join.Particularly suspicious are the men that have as part of their profile a really soppy description of themselves, mainly describing how they want to walk into the sunset holding one’s hand forever! There is an advanced service against payment, which allows one to post the profile description, and also to change one’s distance requirement, say if one is traveling in another city or country.