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Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args) Handles Products Data Grid View. Row Index) End Sub Public Class Form1 Private Sub On Row Validating(sender As System. 2)I tried using j's function in the Row Validating event, but that event is triggered again as soon as the Binding Source. It seems to try to validate the cells in the new row that we don't even get a chance to enter anything in yet. Add New() Else 'Cannot add a new row until the current row is complete. Show(str Msg) End If End Sub Private Function Validate Current Row() As Boolean Dim result As Boolean = True Dim current View As Data Row View = Direct Cast(Me. Current, Data Row View) If current View Is Not Nothing Then Me. They can hit the Enter key, they can click in another row (previous or following), they can hit my save, addnew or navigation buttons. str Msg = "Fix Missing Field in column: " & column.It looks like the "Row Validating" event DOESN' T fire if the grid is on a MODAL form but it DOES fire when the grid is on a NON-MODAL form. This evaluation is carefully done and considers many aspects including the cost of the fix, implications of the change, and the number of reported instances of the issue. Customer feedback is a critical part of a successful, impactful software product. 1) I'm not sure what event(s) to use the function in as the user can leave the current row in a number of ways. Is Null(column) Then 'This column must contain a value and is currently null. Using the tag is possible, but there are many required columns. I've come across something jmcilhinney posted awhile back and it seems to handle the check the cells in the current row dynamically, but I'm still left with two challenges.

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Show(str Msg) End If End Sub Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As System. Here's j's code (with a pinch of customization): Private Sub Binding Navigator Add New Item_Click(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles Binding Navigator Add New Item. Validate Current Row() Then 'Commit the current row and add a new one. Validate() Dim current Row As Data Row = current View.

NET in VS2010 it seems that when you close a Win Form the "Row Validating" event of the Data Grid View on that form behaves differently depending on whether the form is MODAL or NON-MODAL. Unfortunately another part is the reality of schedules and the need to prioritize investments according to the objectives of the product.

What we did was open the form (MODAL and NONMODAL) and changed a value of a cell and then immediately clicked the "X" to close the form. We have evaluated the issue that you have reported and at this point in the product's lifecycle, it does not meet the criteria to be addressed.

Row Validating Dim row As Data Grid View Row = Data Grid View1.

Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1.