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Your browser must allow cookies before you can use this application.Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that tell this application when you're signed in.In Brazil, there are no laws concerning names, and only obscene or ridiculous names are forbidden when parents report the birth of a child to the local cartório de registro civil (Civil registry).

Names of historical figures must be spelled following the current orthographic rules: Luís de Camões (not Luiz de Camoens), Venceslau Brás (not Wenceslau Braz), Tomás Antônio Gonzaga (not Thomaz Antonio Gonzaga) etc. For example, if José Santos Almeida and Maria Abreu Melo had a daughter, her name could simply be Joana Melo Almeida (given name mother's last name father's last name).A child can receive surnames from his/her parents' ancestors, even if those surnames are not part of the parents' names, provided that the parents prove those names were used by their ancestors.Most Portuguese-speaking people use only their last surname (usually the paternal one) in their daily and professional life. writer Camilo Castelo Branco is never referred to as Camilo Branco.The first surname(s) are usually the mother's family surname(s) and the final surname(s) are the father's family surname(s).For practicality, usually only the last surname (excluding prepositions) is used in formal greetings. Portuguese law establishes the need for a child to have at least one given name and one last name (surname) from one of the parents.