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I'll probably own it again someday cause it goes for so cheap online and my beloved CLEAN fragrances (yes, the brand) go for so much. Frankly, I don't understand the popularity of this one.

Its clean & fresh, which is exactly what I'd expect but I can achieve that by a nice refreshing shower with some citrus scented body wash. It's hands down the worst perfume I have ever smelled.

This scent survived on the market for some years, has its fans. Light Blue is crystalline, beautiful and timeless and still unique in my humble opinion.

The bottle is one of the more attractive ones to me because I like a more minimalist aesthetic.

Light Blue is the quintessential summer citrus fragrance that can be pulled off year round.

Easily recognizable on men and women alike yet always inviting and refreshing. : D * These are my personal experiences/thoughts with this fragrance. * Initial - lemon apple cedar Drydown - jasmine musk cedar Duration - 5-7 hours Projection - 1st two hours moderate, soft afterwards Experiences - Lemon note is a bit sharper in cold weather.

Meanwhile, the dry down is the same as AVON true life except that True life is creamy, not that citrusy and well-balanced. Blind buying is so dangerous, but don't be fooled by "first sniff" or paper test! Lemony, herbal, grassy, woodsy, sweet cream pie that is. Probably the most overrated fragrance on the planet and it is probably due to one popular youtuber who keeps tirelessly promoting it.

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To me, even on a blotter paper, this is candied citron peel, pencil shavings, cough drops, and manure. I have never been so glad to be a country bumpkin as when I was reading about how prevalent this fragrance is. I would enjoy it way more if the citrus came forward on a way higher scale.D&G Light blue is a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer. I think Avon nulled the summer feminine freshness and sillage way better than light blue. It should be something formulated directly by God or something. Perfectly unisex in my opinion and one of the very few sweet scents I believe a man can actually pull off without risking smelling feminine, if of course that's a matter of concern. I can not wear anything else in the unbearable summer heat at 35 degrees. Ok nice cologne, citrusy and clean but nothing unique or spectacular.Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore. speaking of the light blue as a scent generally, It is a common(not that unique) fresh summer scent with high longevity and moderate sillage. The scent gets personalized differently on each person. Rather flat, shallow, dull, expensive with relatively poor sillage and longevity.I think it is the apple that is sharp in the beginning, but then the musky woodsiness that emanates from my body, especially when heat is added to the equation, oh my! It is slightly generic, which works for me when I'm sweating most perfumes off and dont want to be laced in a masterpiece. I would not spend more than 30 dollars on a 100ml bottle again for such skin scent.Although this is a masterpiece in its own way for it still has a place in the perfume world where many releases fade away. On me this starts out really strong with a "perfumy" (not juicy/fresh) citrus then fades quickly to sort of boring or blah woody dryer sheet scent. Maybe it's just my body chemistry or that I'm just not a fan of this juice but yeah, I don't totally understand why it's so popular.