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Choosing to move away came as a shock to everyone – myself included.

Even though Seville is one of Spain’s largest cities, there aren’t many job opportunities.

), but when I do, I publish at Sunshine and Siestas about my life and travels in Spain as well as run the content at COMO Consulting Spain, a blog entirely dedicated to residency issues for non-EU citizens. On the decision to move to Seville: After studying abroad in Spain in 2005, I knew I wanted to take a gap year.

When the opportunity presented itself to teach in Spain through a US-Spain collaborative teaching program, I applied and selected to be placed in Andalucía.

But Deutsche Post is considering following the example of Denmark, where the postman only comes round twice a week.

My husband is from the area and, like all , believes it to be the center of the world.

The Netherlands has been rated among the most unfriendliest countries in the world for expatriates by Forbes magazine while Canada is rated the most friendliest country for expats.

The US is rated fourth after Canada, Bermuda and South Africa by the US magazine which looked at the results of a recent HSBC Bank International’s Expat Explorer survey in four categories.

The top ten friendly nations were: Canada, Bermuda, South Africa, US, Australia, Spain, France, Britain, Malaysia and Germany.

Do you think the Netherlands is the most unfriendly country for expats?