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”The timer started counting down from thirty, each second punctuated by a harsh bleep. Alex clutched my arm.“Elle, I swear I just saw Annabel Rexel,” Her nails dug harder. I felt more out of place than I would have in the goddamn shark tank. “I never have a clue what he’s talking about.” She took my champagne and sipped it.

He cleared his throat, extracted a cue card and timer from his pocket and read in a clear voice:“What are the five stages in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? He had a small smile on his artificial, Hollywood-aged face.“This general knowledge. Past the enormous entry doors was a hall and off it, a huge room which seemed to have been created solely for parties. Nobody seemed particularly interested in the pair of soullessly drifting sharks. Huge glass doors led out into the private rear gardens. I found myself wishing I’d stayed home, or taken an overtime shift at the diner. Magnus’s blue eyes lit up.“I used to drive on the Nürburgring at college.”Alex and I looked at each other as he disappeared through the crowd.“Don’t ask,” she sighed, downing her entire flute of champagne. I didn’t have time to take in more than the obvious.

We’d sit on the hood of his car, silver paintwork warm against the backs of my legs as we made out. Why is it that we let ourselves fall for appearances? A circus of supercars had been abandoned on the sweeping drive and were being whisked away by identical-looking valets.“Leave your purse here,” Neil murmured. Immediately in front of me, two girls wearing bunny ears and nothing else were making out and fingering one another urgently.“What the fuck? Almost everyone had a mask on and the level of nudity was shocking. A portal back to reality.“C’mon,” he said, “Let’s get a drink.”We walked past what I thought was two guys having anal sex but then realised the guy taking it was also giving it to a third guy who was then giving it to a fourth.

Celebrities were flirting, getting drunk on champagne and racing Lamborghinis. Neil walked his fingers from my knee up to the hem of my dress and then walked them back down. I don’t know if he realised or if he was lost in thought. My mind flicked back to lazy summer high school days back in Nevada. A distant memory now, someone young, warm and easy to get along with. The thought of him hurt a little, as I sat in the back of a chauffer-driven car with an offensively rich man’s hand under my skirt. Neil seemed to know them and we walked in unhindered. My mask wasn’t sitting right and I had half a mind to take it off but as I reached up to touch it, my hand froze. How could someone with such a tiny waist have such huge tits? She laughed and wandered off, leaving me staring at her swaying tail. Neil was still holding my hand and even though he was the one who’d brought me into the lion’s den, I felt like he was a safety net.

I’d read about it in my textbook just before the ceremony. I stared desperately down at my Dior high heels and then at the crowd.“Elle? Our eyes met.“I thought you said general knowledge,” I stalled. Refrigerator trucks were parked to one side and the doors of one were open, revealing endless cases of champagne. A huge shark tank was embedded into the far wall beside the dance floor. He let me use his jet when...”Everyone was dressed impeccably. There’s a bunch of guys going NFS with Rico’s supercar collection. Over the pounding music, I heard the faint rev of engines. ”I glanced in the direction she was looking and by then, a man had approached us. He seemed familiar and yet I couldn’t place him.“Hi,” he said.

“I – don’t remember.”Pascal turned to the audience.“She doesn’t remember! I couldn’t think.“God, you really are stupid, aren’t you? The atmosphere buzzed and the taxi couldn’t get past the first gate. Fairy lights were strung between trees and perfectly manicured lawns were punctuated by glowing fountains. A .”“…it’s not great but that girl who did the Superbowl is singing later.”Another waiter. I had to admit that the champagne tasted excellent.“…he’s a real nice guy. A tumbler of what must have been scotch in his hand.

His hands slipped down to my ass and he groped it as though he didn’t care who saw.“What do you mean? Somewhere more fun.”I frowned even as he bit and sucked on my neck. I’d never seen so much of what I assumed to be fun in my entire life. “Let’s go.”***The Bentley swept through the iconic gates onto Bel Air road, the tree flanked street dark and moody. A guy in a tux and a woman in a cocktail dress worked the door. ”I nodded awkwardly, unable to stop looking at her tits.

”Neil laughed and let go of me even though the song hadn’t finished. ”His mouth dragged down to my neck, warm and damp against my skin. I inadvertently caught her eye across the room and felt eternally grateful for the fact that looks couldn’t kill.“Okay,” I said. He held out his hand and I took it unthinkingly as we walked up towards the French limestone mansion. Neil’s hand felt reassuringly warm but unease filtered through me. I’d always thought there’d be an underlying seediness to sex parties; something off-putting and a little too barefaced to be pretty. I adjusted it self-consciously.“Well – thanks, I guess.”Green eyes studied me.“First time, huh?

It ended the way a heat wave does; sudden but natural. The little I knew about Neil didn’t bode well but one involuntary smile and I felt like I’d do anything for him. “It’s kind of– a masquerade.”He had a mask too, with some kind of ridiculous beak on it. Still, he wore it well.“We’re here,” he said a short while later, and we were. ”I seemed to be the only one shocked by the display. The synchronisation was admirable and might have seemed rehearsed if it wasn’t for the obvious grunts of pleasure.

After dinner with the client I was back at the hotel by 8PM.

When I'm on business I rarely do anything but sleep at the hotel, but when I booked the room I saw that they had a nice pool and spa so I had thrown a pair of swim trunks into my case.

At the bar.”I looked towards the bar but Neil caught my hand, distracting me.“You wanna dance? I’m avoiding her.”It was my turn to frown.“I broke up with her,” he clarified. Every time I turned towards the bar, I’d see Nat eyeing us furiously. You looked like I felt.” The way he said my name made me swallow hard. She seemed remarkably unperturbed; not even looking up from her partner’s cock.“You think that’s hot? He’d bumped up against the bed and he sat down, his eyes never leaving mine.“You wanna fuck? My hands pressed against the bulge in Neil’s pants. I tried to look over my shoulder again but Neil held fast to my hair. “Fucking sick.”He smiled and touched my cheek, his thumb pushing into my mouth.“Maybe. Maybe we’re both sick.”And maybe we were, at least for that night. I didn’t know how much I could take but he pushed until I could feel his balls against my snatch. The heat throbbed between us as he began to pull back. Hands grasped my hips and dug in hard enough to leave bruises. “Feel it all, Elle.”Our eyes met again and I winced as the guy behind me pulled almost all the way out before pushing in hard.“You gonna come? “With his cock in your ass and mine down your pretty little throat?

But she’s like – gorgeous.”He gave me another easy smile.“You’re more gorgeous.”“But really,” I could hardly catch my own thoughts he was spinning me around so fast. I felt like I could look at him forever.“I decided to dance with you because I wanted to dance with you, Elle. His pants were unzipped and he stroked himself furiously before ejaculating on the woman’s ass. I swallowed hard and he must have felt it because he pulled back and looked at me. I hoped she’d tell him to fuck off but she complied placidly, happy that someone was listening to her monologue on unicorns and Skittles. “Want him to shove his nasty cock in there while everyone watches? ”“You’re sick,” I whispered, like I’d only just realised. It eased the friction, made the hurt ebb away until the slick slide was all I wanted. My hand moved unconsciously, delving beneath my dress and finding my throbbing clit.“Fucking feel it,” Neil growled.