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Uploading 4K videos, using virtual reality or playing video games all require super-fast upload speeds to function properly.

Equal upload and download speeds are becoming increasingly important, as new technologies require increasingly fast upload bandwidth.

Like the Echo, the Home functions as a source of entertainment, a personal assistant and a smart-home controller.

When we reviewed the Home back in November, it couldn't keep up with the Echo on the latter two fronts.

Recently, Google's given its smart speaker some significant upgrades, including support for multiple users and voice recognition, as well as a dozen new smart-home integrations and cooking assistance for more than 5 million recipes.

Amazon struck back with its own slew of upgrades, including voice calling to other Echo devices and notifications on your Echo.

Since AT&T inherited a huge amount of cable infrastructure with Direc TV (cables connect your satellite dish to your television), it wouldn’t be too hard or expensive to connect those cables with AT&T’s fiberoptic cable service in your neighborhood. It won’t be available everywhere immediately, but Sckipio said a single phone company could roll it out to the entire country in just four years. Fast, because it allows them do deliver super-fast speeds without having to dig up holes in your yard to do it.

The Echo wakes up to the command "Alexa," or you can change the wake word to "Echo," "Amazon" or "Computer." The Home listens for either "OK Google" or "Hey Google." Both do a fine job of hearing you, even across a large room and over moderate background noise.

Given the surprising success of the Amazon Echo -- a smart speaker that responds to your voice commands, plays music, and controls your smart home -- competition was inevitable.

With Google Home entering the arena, complete with the backing of the company's ubiquitous search engine, the Echo's place on top is no longer secure.

Check out Ty Pendlebury's detailed breakdown of how the Home does versus the Echo in terms of sound quality.

In short, he recommends if you're just looking for a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker -- keep looking. With the Home, you can control any Google Cast-enabled speaker or any speaker connected to a Chromecast Audio streamer.