Updating genisys scan tools

The only disc I can find is the old disc from the system 2.0 install. If you are in good with any local shops that has a 3.0 disc they might let you copy it or just give it to you if they have updated to 4.0.

When I run that program it receives 2.0 updates and wants to revert my system back to 2.0. Well, all software has been removed from their site. I'm not a mechanic by trade so as a rule, I don't see him. I run a Matco Truck but most tool trucks won't have a disk.

I contacted them with my registration info and they sent me a pdf advertisement for the scan tool 4.0 system update.

• Includes Genisys EVO featuring the NEW System 5.0 with Code-Assist™ experienced-based Confirmed Fixes™ from Identifix, NEW USA 2011 Domestic / Asian with ABS and European 2010 software including Pathfinder, Repair-Trac, Fast fixes™ information, Info Tech Component Information software, Automated System Test™, OBD II Smart Cable, USA Domestic and ABS/Airbag OEM vehicle cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn), manuals, and carrying case • Heavy-Duty Standard software with cables Includes the Genisys 4-channel Lab Scope Module with four DMM leads, ground lead, k V conventional ignition lead, GM HEI ignition adapter, ignition sync lead, manual, Info Tech 2006 repair information software Smart Card, and carrying case. OTC3421-84 Complete Emission Analysis and Diagnostics! When you combine the compact, repair grade, Performance 5-Gas Plug-in Module with the Genisys scan tool, you have the complete interactive emission repair solution.

The module includes a reliable, heavy-duty pump, automatic water purge, water overload protection, automatic zero mode, easy pump and sensor servicing, and covers the full measurement ranges for HC, CO, CO2, NOX, and O2 gases.

Genisys-at the core of integrated diagnostics solutions!

For example there are now collectively over 90,000 significant improvements in terms of new systems, actuation and adjustment tests, plus about another three million new experienced-based repair solutions-all in one simple update kit.

Technicians can purchase the new software update kit from their local OTC distributor, or visit view a list of distributors on the “where to buy” tab.