Who is taylor lautner dating sara hicks dating agreement

However, they were disappointed when they chose different paths.Born Dillon Monroe Buckley on May 29, 1993, she was a professional kiteboarder before she started doing films.Billie studied religion and psychology from New York University in 2014.Normally, the relationship between Aquarius male and Cancer female is tricky as the male has a tendency for more individual freedom.Taylor Lautner girlfriend name is Billie Catherine Lourd and they started dating 2016.

Born as Taylor Daniel Lautner on 11th February 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

They shared a fabulous relationship till it lasted little less than a year.

Industry insiders had some great hopes attached with their relationship.

Lautner's personal life, especially his love life has been under scrutiny by both fans and paparazzi, ever since he became Jacob Black in the vampire movie.

Even other celebrities wanted to get to know "The Valentines' Day" actor more closely.

Who is taylor lautner dating sara hicks