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Last year, data and measurement company Nielsen measured that yearly Halloween candy sales in the US had grown to 7,887,386. Trick-or-treating or not, you're bound to contribute to this outrageous number this October.Which candies are the culprits for these statistics?

Thankfully, the name was changed to "Starburst" in 1967 and have been satisfying American sweet teeth since then.

Invented in 1930, the tasty combination of peanuts, nougat, caramel, and chocolate was actually named after one Frank Mars (founder of Mars Inc.)'s favorite horses.

Sales: 1,768,770 lbs A popular coastal treat, salt water taffy remains a favorite during the chilly fall months.

Or, you know, you could actually make the southern version.

Mac and cheese fits in perfectly with the flavors of the vegetables and meats that a classic Thanksgiving dinner serves.

Most popular dating sites in new york