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These changes were associated with a reduction in RNC score [median values: T0: 3.4 (1.4-6.2); T2: 1.1 (0.6-2.4) p = 0.012], asthma score [median values: T0: 0.5 (0.4-1.0); T2: 0.3 (0.1-0.5); p = 0.005] and drug-intake score [median values: T0: 4.2 (3.1-5.3); T2: 1.1 (0-3.0); p = 0.005].

These clinical effects were not associated with changes in pulmonary function parameters (p 0.05), but with improvement in bronchial reactivity to MCh [mean values: T0: 338.8 (91.5-1255.5); T2: 1698.2 (1,110.5-2,597.1); p = 0.02].