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"What I'm enjoying about it, is it actually seems like a lot of Karen's darkness is in her past," Woll says. This is a woman who's been through a lot and she's survived and keeps pushing forward.

Instead, this Karen would be an incredibly independent, cunning and courageous woman who would fight for justice as passionately as Matt Murdock (and have nearly as many secrets)."I think Karen's interesting because she's very different [from the comics]," Woll says."I have to say I'm so thrilled that that moment got such varying reactions from people," Woll says.But the moment meant something entirely different in the actress' mind: It was about the shame and fear Karen felt about her actions becoming known."It's this idea that maybe we could move on, maybe the past could just be the past ..."I want to look at the character traits through a very objective lens to make sure these are things that the character would do, and not worry about making decisions merely so that she can appear perfectly strong and perfectly intelligent and always do the right thing.That's not an interesting complex woman," Woll says.