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All data that we make available via the VAT API and store at is hosted on secure UK servers and accessed over the SSL secure sockets layer protocol.Our no risk 14 days trial offers up to 1000 VAT number checks and 10 PDFs reports.We keep an up-to-date record of the current currency conversion rates that the HMRC and European Central Bank publish, via the currency conversion API function you are able to convert any currency to UK Sterling or Euro.Our VAT compliant invoice API service was developed out of necessity in order for our own business to comply with the new EU law on the sale of digital services, effective Jan 1st 2015.Simply pass your customers IP address from your application to our API and we'll return a JSON or XML object of all the current EU VAT rates for that country, or if you already know their country you can lookup the rates from the 2 digit country code.

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A description of how to make a different country's code the default is described in the embedded comments within the downloadable Java Script code.

Embedded spaces, commas, points, and dashes are accepted, and capitalisation is ignored.

The specifications of valid VAT numbers were originally gleaned from a variety of sources found on the web, but have since been confirmed using a VIES document.

All necessary check digit validation is performed except for the new style French TVA numbers, which are not thought to be yet in use.