Dating someone in basic training

They face many challenges that aren't faced by a military member married to a civilian, but also several advantages.

The military does not guarantee to assign married couples together, however, they will try.

There are some stories of couples who never get stationed together, however, these tend to be members of separate services with one being Air Force and one being Navy for instance.

One of the primary factors to consider when contemplating a military-couple marriage is if both members are in the same service.

However, if they enter into JOIN SPOUSE and apply for an overseas billet together, the likelihood of that transfer in a few years will be more possible for the couple to serve together.

Are there any girlfriends or wives of anyone in the military here?

Communicating Effectively Helping Your Sailor Helping Yourself Community Q&A Dating someone in any branch of the military can be difficult.

Obviously, it's easier for the services to assign couples together when both are in the same branch.

For one thing, it takes less coordination, as only one branch assignment division is involved.