Hapa dating Jakarta sex

I just think that in the specific circumstances of American culture, asian females who mate with whites, hurt all asian men. When you meet women don't think of yourself as this or that, but as a unique individual to something to offer.I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. It can get annoying when asian women strongly prefer white men because they think they are better or something, of course that's not always the case.How dare my mom or dad ever lecture me on anything, when they have no idea what its like to be an Asian male in America.They don't have my experience so what right to they have to advise? I think Urbandictionary defines my type pretty well: Hapas male often have trouble when they become teenagers.I only know whites from my dad side, can't read Asian language, have barely any contact with my mom's family in Asia.

Reading the darwinist blog onestdv, a commentator even suggested that loser white males should marry asian females, and their daughters would look hot, but they should abort male sons, theyd do crummy in the sexual marketplace.

Hapa male: I guess you're right Asian males with beta male charachteristics, like Bruce Lee, Ghengis Khan, etc.? Yeah, I guess they are weak and submissive, compared to, what, a full grown Tyrannasaurus Rex?

you were taught that asian males were beta men in a freshman sociobiology class? There are tons of asian/half asian men who have no problem getting a date, asian or otherwise. To be honest asian women are more open to dating white men because its climbing the social ladder. Im sure white women in asian countries would prefer to date an asian man over a white man. Do you really think we are that genetically different??

Now maybe its ok for them to put individual interest over race.

But the thing is their Eurasian male sons, like me, have to suffer the consequences.