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Kate: I was so excited because I really admire these two ladies, and they’re phenomenal actresses and it’s a great opportunity for the first role I ever have done. Kate: The first day, of course I was nervous, but they made me feel comfortable right away and made me feel like I was in an environment where I could mess up. So I think that both will be in my life pretty much the same amount. So if I’m doing a film then maybe modelling might take the back burner and vice versa.

Last night’s press screening started 20 minutes late, then began without any sound, which lead to a 10 minute delay to correct the technical difficulties.

It’s too bad the first trailer for Robert De Niro’s The Comedian isn’t, um, very funny.

As a 35-year-old married father of one with a dog and an apartment in the parkest slopiest part of Park Slope, I recognize that I am not the target audience for How to Be Single.

The upcoming rom-com ‘How to Be Single,’ which already stars the great Alison Brie, has just added a whole bunch of talented actors.

Leslie Mann, Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson, and Dakota Johnson have joined the film, which is based on the novel by…Nick Cassavetes’ ‘The Other Woman’ has been sold as a female revenge-comedy, but for much of the mostly muted first hour, the film is a story about what happens when career-minded Carly (Cameron Diaz) discovers she’s the other woman in her man’s life, and befriends her beau’s wife.