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Yet, by early March, a new German front began to take shape along the Oder and Neie Rivers.The stage was set for the final battle for the German Third Reich.Words of encouragement and faith in victory from German senior military and political leaders caused a delay in the evacuation of the area, with the resulting consequences that long lines of refugees clogged the roads while repeatedly strafed by Soviet aircraft or overrun by marauding Soviet armored columns.

In addition, a large portion of German forces, remnants of three armies, were still in areas of East Prussia and Pomerania to the north of the Soviet route of advance.At the same time, however, the Germans deployed 228 divisions in the east.Thus, the Germans had almost four times as many troops facing the Soviets.A pause followed this disaster, but it was only the calm before the storm.Soviet forces, refitted and supplied, smashed their way from several bridgeheads on the Vistula River and advanced through Poland in January 1945.