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“You can make just as many great memories on a Tuesday night as you can on an anniversary.” Of course, the restaurant welcomes big parties and special events, but they also treasure intimate moments between friends, families, and loved ones.

The Melting Pot can help people add a personal touch to any occasion — even if it’s just Tuesday.

More than 100,000 fans tuned in to watch the event, but it was plagued with stops and starts and apparent technical problems. It took nearly 20 minutes longer to bring the video feed back, only for viewers to find the block hadn't melted much in the meantime.

In the Facebook Live video, fans were told to type "fire" in order to help melt a block of ice with sudden bursts of fire to reveal the premiere date. The video went down another time and new video appeared again.

You can also get any message written in chocolate to top off your meal — maybe as a birthday treat or maybe just because.

Last of all, a staff member can take a photo for you to take as a permanent memento of your night out.

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You can join The Melting Pot’s Club Fondue to hear about upcoming special events like beer and wine dinners or food tastings.

With unique, experience-oriented offerings, The Melting Pot looks toward serving a new generation of diners who tend to value experiences over materialistic stuff. It’s our job to stay relevant to our guests,” Laura told us.

“Millennials are a driving force for us.” The act of dipping food into cheese or chocolate is pretty sensual and can be a fun avenue to romance for daters with a sweet tooth.

Club members also have exclusive holiday reservation privileges, so you can book your date night ahead of time. You get to enjoy each other’s company and exceptional food, making a special memory any day of the week.” The Melting Pot isn’t a grab-and-go restaurant — guests truly enjoy one another’s company during numerous courses of decadent meals.

“All in all, it’s very much an interactive experience,” said Laura Mulhern, Director of Public Relations for The Melting Pot. “You don’t have to wait to make memories with the person you love,” Laura emphasized.