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The handbook was extremely helpful because it told me about the local team and island’s religious culture.

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PMGY volunteers will be introduced to a wide variety of different projects including the formation of mangroves, recreation of outer lying reefs, sea life and coral surveys, waste management and renovation work for housing, religious centres and community structures of Hoadedhdhoo. Spend hours in crystal clear waters with sea turtles, eagle ray, dolphins and more 2.

If teaching English wasn’t enough, be ready because later in the afternoon you can lead fitness classes, swim lessons or even arrange a jog around the island!

The trip may sound like it is going to be a lot of hard work and long days, but the rule of thumb is ‘work hard, play hard’.

There are islands in the Maldives specifically used to hold rubbish.

This rubbish is then burned, which causes horrible effects to the atmosphere and surrounding environment.

Sex chat with locals no registration